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Other Refractive Procedures

There is no one-size-fits-all procedure for vision correction. That’s why Dr. Kerry Solomon offers a variety of options for patients in his Charleston, SC practice. For more information on any of the following procedures or to see if you are a candidate, please give us a call at 843-881-3937.

Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lens)

“After ICL, it is the first time in my life I could ever remember being able to read my alarm clock in the middle of the night. It has just been amazing.” – ICL Patient

Visian Implantable Contact Lenses can be a great solution for those with severe nearsightedness or other conditions that preclude them from undergoing LASIK. If you are a candidate, these remarkable lenses can free you from the hassle of glasses and contacts and let you comfortably enjoy crisp, clear vision – often 20/20 or better. During a quick, painless procedure, Dr. Solomon inserts Visian within your cornea to work with your eye’s natural lens, correcting your nearsightedness and potentially eliminating your need for glasses.

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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

“I was just done with glasses. I was waiting for the technology to catch up. But now technologies changed, I can see. It was easy.” -RLE Patient

Refractive lens exchange (RLE), also referred to as lens replacement surgery or clear lens extraction can be a great solution for people with presbyopia and significant hyperopia (farsightedness). In this procedure, Dr. Solomon replaces the clear, natural lens of the eye with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to restore clear distance vision, near vision, or even both!

RLE is a procedure that is almost identical to cataract surgery in that the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. These advanced clear IOLs are designed to improve the clarity of your vision and reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses. There are options for near vision, distance vision, and even multiple distances. Another benefit of RLE is that once your eye’s own lens is replaced, you will never develop cataracts—so your new, clear vision is yours for life!

Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA/PRK)

“It was weird waking up this morning. I was about to reach over and put my glasses on and then I realized I don’t need those anymore!” -Lee G., ASA/PRK Patient

Some patients, including those with severely dry eyes, thin corneas, a high degree of myopia, or other conditions, may be best suited for PRK (photo-refractive keratectomy) surgery, referred to as ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation). Like LASIK, PRK/ASA reshapes the cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Unlike LASIK, no flap is created during the PRK/ASA procedure. Instead, the epithelium – the thin outermost layer of cells – is gently removed, and the laser is used to reshape the surface of the cornea.